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reset sql sa password tool

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reset sql sa password tool


i know of SecurityCmdLnApp.exe but i'm not talking about that

there was a tool that i can't remember it's name that is a standalone EXE file that reveals your sa password at the server


maybe someone remembers?

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Re: reset sql sa password tool

If you need to reset it try:

  1. Click on your Windows® Start button, and either select Run or go to the Search box box on the Start Menu.
  2. Type in actdiag, and press your Enter key.
  3. In the ACT! Diagnostics utility, click the Server menu option, then select Server Security.
  4. Click Reset SQL Password, then click OK to continue.
    Note: You will not be able to enter a password, it will be automatically generated internally.
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Re: reset sql sa password tool

That's a tool you had to beg and/or buy from the company. The workaround is to enable and use windows authentication. Would be nice to have direct sql access for sure but I've managed to work around it for a decade and counting.
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Re: reset sql sa password tool

There were security issues with that tool as the SA password is there to protect the data and I think it was withdrawn.


The only way I know of is to uninstall SQL instance and then reinstall using the following instructions where you determine the SA password.