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"Urgent Computer Reset - Unable to open any Databases"

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"Urgent Computer Reset - Unable to open any Databases"

Hi, URGENTLY need help,


I have an Acer Laptop and was having a lot of trouble with not being able to open ACT2013 Premium at all.


I sent a Post last week but with no reply I decided to have our IT rep Back Up all my data especially my ACT databases.


My Laptop was originally Windows 7 but most of my office was XP Professional so I have been using that until this weekend.

Our IT Rep said maybe we should put Laptop Operating system back to Windows 7 especially since I am the only one using ACT and

having this problem that ACT would not open at all and error messages reflecking SQL Problems we couldn't resolve.


So, NOW I am using Windows 7 Operating System, 4 Gig Ram, 2.65 Processor Speed, 500 Gig Hard Drive.

I am interacting with Office 2007.


My problem now is that my Laptop is like new and probably has a new IP Address wyhich is why when I try to open my last used database it will not because it says the database I am trying to open was not created witht he same IP Address and will not ope,


How can I open any of my databases now becaus eof this type of error.


Please advise ASAP as I am completely without ACT which is my day to day Contact Management Software which interacts

everyday as well with Outlook 2007.


I need your help as soon as possible please.


Tahnk You,


Glen Ueberschlag