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question regarding backups for an ACT upgrade

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question regarding backups for an ACT upgrade

i am oing to be upgrading Act 16 to 17 soon, and had a question about whether the remote database information is included in the backup.  i did a test upgrade on my laptop, and it didn't appear as any of the sync sets were transferred, let alone the remote databases.  am i going to have to recreate this entire section and the rdb's after the upgrade, or is ther an option aomewhere to include this in the backup?

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Re: question regarding backups for an ACT upgrade

Remote Databases go with the actual database they came from.  If you change the actual database in any way, you cannot sync with current remote databases - even fixes and upgrades change the database versions.  The main database must match every remote databases exactly to the last version number (eg-11.1.21344).


The way to do this is to sync everybody with the main database, upgrade the database, then recreate everybody's remote database and push them back out to your people.  In fact, that's the only way to do it.  During the upgrade, any new data entered into the remote databases will be lost.  When you recreate the remote databases, they will replace all the current remote databases and any data therein.

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Re: question regarding backups for an ACT upgrade

You can upgrade the ACT! Version and the Database on the server, and then upgrade the ACT! Version and the Remote Database  on users computers without need  recreate the remote databases - This can be  with the Help of ACT! professional Consultant.


is important to note that..  on the server must install the new version of Sync Services.


We suggest you back up your database to prevent data loss.


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Re: question regarding backups for an ACT upgrade

Juan is correct in 2 areas:


  1. The method of upgrading which retains the remote syncs is correct, and

  2. That using an experienced Act! certified consultant is worth its weight in gold.
    We call it the consultants' OSINTOT factor - Oh S***, I Never Thought Of That !!!


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