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problem with the My Record sync

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problem with the My Record sync

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I am running 3 licences of Act 2011 premium:


Laptop 1 = Greg = Win 7 64 bit

Desktop 1 = Greg Win 7 64 bit (All I use this for is to sync with google apps via companion link)

Laptop 2 = James = Win 7 64 bit

DeskTop 2 = Karen = Win 7 64 bit


I use "Active Hosting" as my Act sync server host.


About 1 month ago, I began typing then name "Jones" in what I thought was the search box.  Instead I was typing in the "contact field" of the "my record field.  So my name went from being "Greg Smith"  to being "Greg SmithJones".  I didnt notice immediately, so I powered down.  The next day, when I powered up, the DB synchronized and sent this through the other three computers.  I noticed this and fixed it back to "Greg Smith" thinking that syncing will push out to the rest of the computers.  It didnt - in fact the my record on my computer changed back to "Greg SmithJones".  I changed it again and again, it reverted back.  I changed all computers so they were correct to "Greg Smith".  A while later (after sync) they reverted back to "Greg SmithJones".


Very very frustrating.  anyone know why this is happening and how to fix it?

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Re: problem with the My Record sync

When you checked the change, did you also check that Google was updated (and anything Google sync's to)?