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preferences lost - again

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preferences lost - again

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Act! Premium Version, Update 2 (stand-alone desktop, not web version) preferences are still* getting lost. These preferences include Tool > Preferences: General (Allow display Country Code..), Email & Outlook Sync (Email Settings), Communications (Dialer), and Startup including the most important "Open each view in its own window." The lost of these preferences requires you to reset all preferences only to be lost again, repeat....


*Lost preferences has been known ongoing and annoying bug since version 11 and before with apparently no ACT resources spent on a fix. Previously reported 


The lost preferences start with an Act launch - it does not remember the last used database (as set in preference), upon opening the database, all previously set preferences are reverted to default and need to be rebuild.


Although there are suggested "workarounds" out there to restore the lost preferences, it does not excuse ACT from correcting and fixing this known and ongoing bug.

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Re: preferences lost - again

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Hi Peter,


There are a number of reasons why this could be occurring, and it can be quite tricky to track down the root cause.


Have you tried adding Act's directories to your Anti-virus exceptions, as per the following Knowledgebase article:

I would also suggest adding Act's AppData directory to the exceptions. %AppData%\ACT\ACT Data


I would recommend working with one of our support technicians by calling us on 866 873 2006 in order for them to better diagnose the issue.