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notes and/or activity details

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notes and/or activity details

HI all. Most of my staff use the details tab as part of recording an activity to put in info regarding the activity. However, sometimes the notes field gets used, so there are two different places to check for information. The reason for this it seems is that it is not possible to read the info in the details field when the activities tab is clicked on the contact detail screen, whereas this can be done under the notes tab. Staff found it cumbersome to have to swap from screen to screen to get to their info. Is there an easier way to make the information stored in the details field of an activity appear, or an alternative way that the notes and activity details fields could be automatically linked / updated, other than manually cutting and pasting. It is a pity that what is entered in the details field does not automatically create an entry as a note - any suggestions or workarounds?

Thanks in anticipation; Steve

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Re: notes and/or activity details

Ah, a note or history generating field has been a long time wish of many of  us.


This may be done with a few add on products.  (sorry none I've used recently come to mind, perhaps others can comment here)


The only work around I can suggest for now is to make a field generate a history when changed. This will go to the history section and still give the view in the contact portion of the main screen. 


Finally, although consistant use by the team of notes and Histories would be advantagous.  we generally suggest

1) notes for background info about a contact (for example Mr. Fintstons is new to the company and worked in another industry for the past 8 years and dislikes seafood)

2) History to be used to document communications,( like call made last tuesday to duscuss the upcoming proposal, etc)


You will find your reports if you use them yield better results, and the team knows where to go looking for what.


However, if the team continues to utilize both notes and histories randomly, take a look at a favorite FREE download from the Sage developemnt team.

 The Middle Pane;;;

The “MiddlePane” allows you to add a “panel” on your layout between the upper detail panel and the tabs at the bottom.

Dragging any of the tabs from the Tab control to this panel will move that Tab there temporarily, allowing you to view two tabs at the same time. The easy drag and drop interface means you can switch Tabs on the fly.

Key Features
  • Layout based control – Choose which Layouts include the middle pane and which don’t
  • Configure the prompt text for the control in design view
  • Integrated Drag and drop functionality at runtime


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