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newly-installed ACT! 2011 freezes at Welcome view

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newly-installed ACT! 2011 freezes at Welcome view

We had two issues when we recently upgraded our ACT! system from 2008 Premium to 2011 Premium SP1 HF2.  The first was related to the creation of multiple databases at the same time (you can't, it's broke, at least if you want your choice of filenames) and I commented about this in an existing thread on the subject.


The second issue, I haven't seen referred to elsewhere.  Although sorted, I'd like to know if there is a better explanation/cure than that offered by the Sage ACT Support team in the UK:


For SOME of my remote users only, the new ACT installation froze at the welcome screen.  For others it was fine (if a bit slow first time round).  One of my team contacted ACT Support directly with this problem.  It took a long time but, when it was clear that the problem happened with any database that was opened, the support advisor claimed that the problem was related to permissions associated with the home page directory, or the videos linked from that page.  He advised the user to rename the ACT home directory (C:\Program Files\ACT\Act for Windows\Home) to Home.old and the problem went away.  Of course this means that the welcome page does not load correctly but as I prefer users to set the Contacts view as their initial entry to ACT!, this is not a problem.


But as ACT administrator, I'm not happy with the explanation and why it should only happen to certain users.  I wondered if other users had experienced the problem and had been given a better explanation/fix, or it any of the panel experts could offer an opinion?



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Re: newly-installed ACT! 2011 freezes at Welcome view

The problem is that there are links to external websites/videos on the Welcome page. These can be blocked by your antivirus or firewall, which is why it can take so long for the welcome to load. The workaround is the best solution, and in any case the welcome screen is only useful for those who have never used a CRM product before.