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network vs app sync

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network vs app sync



I have followed the directions (i think) on network sync setup.  Premium 11, both on same ver.  The remote db works only when I have the accept incoming syncs checked on the main db.  As I understand it, with that checked, the main db thinks it's application sync, which means I have to open the main db.   This works, but I'd rather have network sync so I don't have to open the main db.


When I uncheck accept incoming syncs in the main db, and try to sync from the remote db, the error is:


"ACT! is unable to connect to the sync server.  Check to be sure "accept incoming sync is enabled in the main db and that the Netowrk sync service is running."


Now either I misunderstand something, or that is a contradiction.  How can I have accept incoming syncs checked and expect Network sync.  Or have I misunderstood something?  Along these lines, the remote computer should NOT have netowkr sync service installed, correct?




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Re: network vs app sync

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Hi John,


Are you syncing within your company's network or are you taking the computer out of the office? You are correct that network sync service needs to be installed only on the server computer and not to have accept incoming syncs with network sync. The key is that if you are inside the company you need to connect to (i.e. machine name under manage connection information) the internal IP address/name for your server. If you are outside the company then you need to connect to the external IP address (which may require port forwarding).


Please see the attached Knowledgbase article:


How To Use the ACT! Network Sync Service Across the Internet


** Edited link to be more easily viewed **

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Re: network vs app sync

I have installed the Netowkr sync service on the server.  The remote user connects via VPN and connects to the server via a mapped network drive.  I have the internal non-routable IP in the connection info on the sync panel.  This works ok, as i said, if the ACT program is open on the server only.


so my connection info says \\ and port 65100


thanks for the replies 

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Re: network vs app sync

If it works with ACT! open, you are connecting to the port of ACT! Application


Check the settings of the sync server. Also, the VPN doesn't need to map the drive