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move company message?

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move company message?

Hello all!


I have an issue that I don't understand and I'm hoping that someone out there knows about this.


A few of the users at my company have just told me that they keep getting this message:

move company message.png

The user who got the message this time told be that she was trying to edit a template and had gone to write > edit template and then got this. Now one of my issues is that I'm not sure if that is really what she had done or not (she is technology inapt). I have tried to replicate this issue many times and I can't do it. 


Does anyone know what this message means? and how/when you get it?


Any info would be helpful a few of my people are worried that companies are getting moved someone they won't find them again (even thought it doesn't look like this is happening)


Thank you!


-Mead McCarthy

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Re: move company message?

This message is associated with rearranging companies within the Company List view. You can produce the message by drag/drop one company onto another.

Double check with the user and ensure they are not on the Company List view when attempting to edit the template. They may be getting some unwanted 'moves' while moving the mouse around.
Greg Martin