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migrating from Act premium to Act 2013 Premium

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migrating from Act premium to Act 2013 Premium

  I have an existing Act Premium for Web installation running two databases for 6 users on version I have purchased new Act 2013 licenses and would like to deploy ACT on a different server- Ideally an existing app server running Windows 2003 sp 2 and SQL 2008 standard. What is the best process for bringing up the new version of ACT and importing\preserving the 2 existing dtabases that will continue to be used?


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Re: migrating from Act premium to Act 2013 Premium

What would I do ...


1. Backup both databases (DataBase1   and  Database2)

2. Install ACT! 2013 on the new server - initially with Instance in SQL Server 2008 R2 Express

3. Upgrade the instance with the SQL Server 2008 R2 Standard (If you really need this version)

4. The backups ( - Database2.ZIP)  restored with a different name in the new Server 

          Database3      Database4

   This way-  the PAD files will be routed to the correct database


OLD SERVER    Database1.PAD    Database2.PAD

NEW SERVER    Database3.PAD    Database4.PAD


I'm no expert but is an Idea