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.map file is not saving correctly

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.map file is not saving correctly

Here is another issue, that I have not been able to find a solution to. When I export data, I have a specific .map layout that I use. However, when I load the .map file, I get a number of other fields added to the top of the field list. Even if I remove these fields and resave the .map, the data in those extra fields is still exported. Furthermore, if I reload the .map, those fields are again back at the top of the list.


The extra fields that I cannot seem remove from my .map are the following:

Create Date

Edit Date

First Name

Is User

Last Edited By

Last Name

Middle Name

Name Prefix

Name Suffix

Record Creator

Record Manager


Is there a way to remove these fields from the .map, or keep them from being exported?


Further info:

I export as a Text File, CSV.