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managing user defined fields?

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managing user defined fields?

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I have a problem to which I'm not sure a suitbale resolution exists, I have created a user defined field and within this field I select values from a drop down list with tick box. These values are linked dynamically to groups.


The values in the user defined field are always being added to and at some point soon I can see the list becoming unmanageble, particulary as some of the values will be named the same but dated differently.


Does anybody know how I can manage the values within the field to ensure that I don't end up with a huge list of options, some of which will be named almost identically?


Thanks in advance



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Re: managing user defined fields?

When you create a field with drop down list values, and define that field to use a Pick List (i.e. the "choices"), there are a couple places where you can limit what, if anything, users can add - thus removing the issue of a "free-for-all" data entry, where you get duplicates, misspellings, etc.


In the drop-down list configuration there is a checkbox labeled "Allow users to edit items in this list".  Keep that unchecked to NOT allow them to add/edit/delete.


In the main field configuration there is a check box labeled "Limit to List - Allow users to select values from the drop down list only".


Using one of both of these field options should help you keep the list under control.  Hope this helps...

Richard Brust
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