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managing remote databases

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managing remote databases

Simple question but I have not found in the documentation.


I set up a remote db for a salesman.


sometime later we rearrange his territory and he gains one state and loses another.


when I change the sync set the customers in the new territory flow to his remote db, but is there any way to remove from his remote db the customers that are no longer part of his territory?

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Re: managing remote databases

If you set up the sync set criteria correctly so that it includes only the customers for his 'patch' then this will update his DB the next time he syncs. Both adding new and removing old contacts where relevant.


For example if you create the criteria with a query something like.


Contact  - Postal Code - Starts With - NE4 - End


Then, after a sync, he should only be able to see customers with a postcode beginning with 'NE4... '.


Obviously you can define whatever criteria you want.

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Limitation on sync set criteria?

Hello,  Is there a limitation on how many lines of criterias a sync set can have?  For example, if i want to set up a sync set containing 500 different zip codes, is that doable? 


So, the list of criteria would be like this:


Zip - Equal To - 00012

Zip - Equal To - 00068

Zip - Equal To - 98756  and so on...

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Re: Limitation on sync set criteria?

Please see my response in the Sync Set Limitations thread on this board.


Bill Blakey
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