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managing Contacts who are no longer around

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managing Contacts who are no longer around

Dear Esteemed ACT users,


How do you manage contacts who have left their place of work, no longer work or `in some way are no longer relevant to your contact database? I do not wish to lose the history data but I no longer have contact with them. What I did do is setup a historical database which was an empty copy of my existing database and then I exported the details of those contacts into that database. Once done I deleted the contacts on my databse (well, that's the plan - I haven't done it yet - I am waiting to see what advice i get on the forum).

Anyone with any ideas?





The eternally grateful



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Re: managing Contacts who are no longer around

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We have the same issue with needing to keep notes & history with the "historical" contacts - even though they are no longer with the company.    We tried the process of copying the records to an 'ARCHIVE' database but found it way too cumbersome to switch back & forth between the active database & the Archive one.  The other problem is that without the record in the active database, there's no reminder that "Bob USED to work here" and customer service & sales can't see that history!



- We add a custom field called "DNP-Reason"  where we put codes explaining why we "DO NOT PROMOTE" to this person/record

- The DNP code appears at the top right of every layout in a way that can't be missed 

-  We use the code "NLWC" for No Longer with Company  (we also have "TLC" for 'This Location Closed'; BUST, etc.)


We do only business-to-business work, so this system lets us retain all the history we've had with any one client - and we can intelligently discuss what's gone on in the past when talking to the NEW contact at the company.


Hope that helps.

Luis Rodrigues