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lookup by group

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lookup by group

I need to create a lookup that list all the contacts in subgroups under one specific group I created.  I have one group and a bunch of sub groups and each sub group has one or more contacts.  I would like to list all the contacts under the main group showing all the contacts from each of the subgroups.  How can I do this?

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Re: lookup by group

If your are interested in the Parent Group dynamically updating its Membership as the Membership on the SubGroups change going forward, the best solution might be to:

1.  Create a Contact Field called Group with a Multi-select drop-down picklist, and add that field to your Contact screen.

2.  In that field for a given Contact, enter the Group name(s) that you would like that Contact to be a Member of.

3.  For the Parent Group and its SubGroups, use the Dynamic Group Rule functionality to create a Group Rule defining membership (see


I hope this helps answer your question.


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