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last logon not updating

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last logon not updating

I have 10 users syncing.


I have been using the manage users panel to check whether the users have been syncing (if they sign in we assume that the sync has gone through).


Suddenly the last logon column of the "manage users" panel is not updating, even though checking the sync log shows that the user has indeed synced.


Any ideas?

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Re: last logon not updating

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I'm not sure if this applies to your remote users, but the last login date only applies to when they last logged into their remote database. If they have been leaving their database open or have closed ACT! and are using the ACT! Scheduler to automatically sync, this will not update the login time on the main database.


If this is not the case, then I would suggest running some maintenance on your main database. On the server, from the main database in ACT!, go to Tools/Database Maintenance/Check and this twice in a row. Also run rebuilds from ACT! Diagnostics as well:

- Close ACT! on the server

- Go to Start/Run and typ in actdiag

- From ACT! Diagnostics, go to Databases, then Database List

- Highlight your main database on the list, right-click on it, go to Database Rebuilds, and from the submenu do the first 4 rebuilds one at a time.

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Greig Hollister

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