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lag in screen changing and dialer

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lag in screen changing and dialer

one of my outreach reps has an act dbf (40,000 records) and it has started to lag when she pages from record to record on her contact screen after she has done a query.  Even the screen does change and she uses the auto-dialer, it sometimes dials the number she just dialed from teh previous screen (like she is still on the last lookup). Also after she does her queirs and reviews the result lists info. columns seem to drop off results list.  if she looks at a record and goes back to the results list...more and more columns drop off (options dont hold). Anyone have a clue her? its driving her nuts!! :-)

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Re: lag in screen changing and dialer

Hello Mowsgd,

Welcome to the Sage ACT! Online Community!


To help troubleshoot the issue, can you provide some additional information for your issue:

- what version of ACT!?

- what is the operating system of the computer?

- is database local to the machine, or a shared db?

- if local, does it sync to a main database?

- if shared, does anyone else experience the issue?

- does the issue appear as soon as the database is opened, or does it get progressively worse with use?

- how large is the ADF file associated with the database?


As a first step in resolution, be sure to run the Tools > Database Maintenance > Check and Repair option.

Greg Martin
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Re: lag in screen changing and dialer

We are running 2009 ACT Premium version

The operating system of the computer isWindows XP

The database is not shared and several (including this one) sits on its own server (not shared with any other applicaitons and there are 10 individual databases on this server)

The dbf does not sych to a master

The issues gets porgressively worse

ADF file size = 277,440 kb

I just ran the dbf maintenance jsut now. Ill have to check with teh rep to see how long it has been since she ran it.


Thanks for your input!