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is act for web a real well supported viable solution?

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is act for web a real well supported viable solution?

I was hoping to get some real world feedback from users and integrators.


I have been an act user since 1989. So a big fan of the product.


We have a business with 4 people in one location, and 3 others remote.


We currently do not sync. But it would be nice to have a single database.


Many people I know at larger companies are using salesforce, and I do like a web based solution. More of us are working remotely, travelling with just an ipad or netbook, not a big laptop, etc.


I looked at salesforce, and found that converting the act database, with the history and notes is either not possible or not easy. Maybe there is a way I haven't found yet.


So I am looking at act web. I don't know if this is real, if they are behind this product. Are people really using it? Is it reliable? Act doesn't host it (say like salesforce hosts their own), so that has me wondering. Also, we have been a peachtree user for 13 years, and they had a web access product a bit ago, but pulled it.


Finally, several consultants for act told me that they would just have local databases that remotely sync. Which leads me to wonder if act web is really a supported viable solution that will be growing going forward. 


Thanks for any feedback.

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Re: is act for web a real well supported viable solution?

I would say that ACT for Web is great for lighter users, but does not replace the desktop version in terms of some features, stability, and in some cases functionality with MS Office. You will also see some compatibility issues with some browser, especially in older versions of ACT.

If you want to "cloud enable" the Desktop version of ACT, there are some solutions that can accomplish this. In fact. most of the ACT database hosting we are doing now is through a Citrix Thin client. This allows for the full Desktop ACT program, plus Full Desktop MS Office, Quickbooks and More

Sync database can be reliable if set up properly, but they aren't real time and the users responsibilities are a little higher than a full real time cloud solution.

Oh, the Citrix solution we host works on IPAD, Mac, almost any internet enabled device.
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Re: is act for web a real well supported viable solution?

Thanks so much for the quick reply. Can you be more specific in what features are missing. I only need to enter data, and click on the email address to send email. It would be nice to attach documents as well, but I can understand it not doing that.


I don't want everyone working thru a citrix vm when they are not travelling. Travel is about 20%. The goal was to get a real time unified database.