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iPhone / iTunes Sync with ACT!

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iPhone / iTunes Sync with ACT!

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Hi There, it is clear there is a need for a seamless sync between ACT! and the iPhone - I have tried ACT! Connect - has too many bugs & weak tech support, CompanionLink - better, but duplicates certain contacts for some reason and tech support for the trial is pathetic, HandHeld Contact does not support iPhone (yet?).


I am just about to try an iPhone App called iSyncCRM that was recently released - they have a 30 trial and $10 p/m....hopefully a little better than the above mentioned applications but not holding my breath. 


If enough people request a feature for the iPhone / iTunes to sync with ACT! they may listen!

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Re: iPhone / iTunes Sync with ACT!

You shouldn't be getting duplicates with CompanionLink.  Sounds like a configuration issue.  Send me a direct message with your phone number and I'll get you set up with someone from CompanionLink's senior support team.
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Re: iPhone / iTunes Sync with ACT!

So  - How did this turn out for you since January?   Does the ISyncCRM work?


I desperately need my Iphone to sync with ACT on my server.   Any way to do that?




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Re: iPhone / iTunes Sync with ACT!

Take a look at Handheld Contact. Their Iphone app may be exactly what you need. Server configured, easy to setup and very "Act-like" in the
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