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how to set up a file

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how to set up a file

Hi all,

first time posting here.  

We have Quickboooks Contractors, 10 uesers, and we use that to keep track of our data.

we have two different data files.  one is for contractors that do the work, the other is the projects.


It seems ACT! would be great to keep track of the contrators, but I also need to be able to keep track of the stores. we currently service about 20,000 retail stores, nation wide, with over 20 different chains. 

What I want is to keep a main client of say, ACME, and then under that, have each store listed by number.

PATHMARK might be another heading with it's  stores.

Since I only have a limted number of accounts, and each can have well over 10,000 locations, I would prefer to have one data-base.


Any suggestions on how to set up the data-base ??



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Re: how to set up a file

I would still setup a contact record for each store as they have different addresses etc. and then create a company and use the ability to create a dynamic link as I assume the company name is the same to link all of these stores to this company record. The you can treat the store as an individual or the company as a whole.
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