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how to move stale records to a seperate database

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how to move stale records to a seperate database

Using APFW 2012 SP1 HF1


I'm able to identify stale records by Lookup>Contact Activity.  My question is, once I've identified the stale contacts, how can I move them to a seperate database?  I don't just want to delete them or back them up...too much work to restore when the users need to access them.  I'd rather just commit them to a seperate db, and put that DB online in APFW/IIS config as another database users can choose from the dropdown.when logging in.


I know theorethically what I want to do, I just don't know where in ACT! to accomplish it?


- Identify stale contacts using Lookup>Contact Activity feature

- "select all"?  (or use Tag Mode>Tag All) ??

- export these somehow to a new db (where do I do this?)



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Re: how to move stale records to a seperate database

I would probably just use the Save Copy As function from the file menu specifying create a copy of the database.

This will create your "mirror".  Name it in such a way that it is apparent who the "parent" database along with a date it was created.


After you successfully get this online to your satisfaction, you can then go back to the "live" database and delete the stuff you no longer want.  (just to be safe - back up first!)