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how to do it

I have installed ACT! (Sage) for our customer relationship people to work with. They use it to enter bookings for customers.  What I am missing right now is the functionality to generate a confirmation form from the information they capture in the booking.  Attached is the one we have been using in the past. All the information that goes into the CF is currently entered in ACT in various fileds, however I cannot access those fields from any of the letter or email templates that ACT provides


What I specifically want to know is if I can have the database fields from the Opportunity tables into the email.  If I use the default functionality, all that I can put in an email or word document is fields from the customer record – address, name, etc.  I want to be able to put fields from the other tables of the database which are currently entered as an Opportunity - product, cost, etc, which reflect the booking information and are currently entered in Opportunity.

Another form that would be usable for that is the Quote , however – again, same problem – I cannot add fields from the database that I want, such as Opportunity Name, etc etc.


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Re: how to do it

There is a product from Exponenciel that may help you called Quote/Invoice Maker for ACT! It enables the insertion of Contact and Opportunity data into an Excel spreadsheet. Alternatively we can help you with development of a solution but it may be more cost effective to use the product from Exponenciel, depends on the number of ACT! users who need the facility.

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Re: how to do it

thanks for your help

I drop an email in your mail box , please check 

Thanks again

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Re: how to do it

The word processing templates are limited to using the fields from the contact table only. From your description, it sounds like the from could be replicated using the ACT! reports.
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