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gmail integration vs companionlink

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gmail integration vs companionlink

Hi I have been using companionlink for years. Now that Act 2012 has gmail integration what are the advantages, disadvantages of both?

Will using both duplicate my records?


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Re: gmail integration vs companionlink

I have found both can cause duplications. Also the ACT! integration with GMail doesn't properly handle country codes and shouldn't be used to sync to a mobile phone
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Re: gmail integration vs companionlink

I have used Companionlink for many years as well. Companionlink can cause duplication, in my experience it is rare but non the less it happens. I have used HandHeld Contact and I have never seen it cause a duplication nor have the few customers who we have using it reported duplications.


Gmail integration is some thing new to us. As a company we are examining it now. It lacks some basic workflow components that they should have included to make integration more fluid, why they didn't, I don't know. In really brief testing it is looking problem free so we will keep working with it before we recommend it to customers. Sage do make a clear warning about only integrating Gmail or Outlook, not both. It is obvious if you have two synchronizing processes that there would be a high chance of record duplication. For a serious business use of a synchronizing solution for hand held devices we recommend HandHeld Contact, the risk is too great otherwise for both us and the client.  


The immediate problem I have is the lack of Sage's commitment to providing a specification as a business application, applicable to Google Apps adoption. In that situation it needs to work with  domain MX record, meaning more than just but in a Google Apps mail world.    

Graeme Leo
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