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failed to create quote

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failed to create quote

Hi All, I want to ask something about failing to create quote on my ACT. First of all, I used ACT! v20 latest update at Windows 10 - 64bit.

When I want to create quote at my opportunities it always show error "Unable to cast COM object of type" which is showed at my attachment bellow, I use Ms. Office 2016 with latest update too and run both programs as administrator.


the step I already do but didn't works is:

1. Uninstall Office and re-install it

2. Uninstall ACT! and re-install it

3. Uninstall both and install office first then ACT!

4. Uninstall both and install ACT! first then Office (which i don't see ACT! Add-in on my Ms. Word)


also I want to inform you guys, that there is ACT! Add-ins at my Ms. Word, 2 of them, but when I check it's box it's didn't work at all (when I reopen my Add-in tab, the ACT! Add-in un-check itself) I even already run my Ms. Word as Administrator. May I have some answer how to fix it?

Nickel Elite Contributor
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Re: failed to create quote

The error message rings a bell...

Did you eventually do a "downgrade" from a higher Office version to an older one some time ago ( like from 2016 to 2013).

If yes, I have a solution ready here, but would have to translate it to English, so that's why I'm askingSmiley Indifferent

Andreas Schlesselmann
Melville-Schellmann GbR
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Re: failed to create quote

Andreas is correct, if you have previously gone from Office 2016, back down to Office 2013, and then back UP to 2016 for any reason, there are some strange quirks regarding registry keys.

But first, I'd recommend taking a look at this KB, as it specifically applies to that error message:

One thing to note here too - the recommended install order is to make sure that Office is fully installed and has been launched at least once, before installing Act.
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Re: failed to create quote

I'm sorry, but I don't think I ever do downgrading my office cause its from clean install of windows 10 and I don't even have Office 2013 installer, but it maybe the solution I wanted, can I have the solution? also I will try the KB first tomorrow morning and I will inform you the result