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error: zip file contains invalid database

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error: zip file contains invalid database

i have ACT 9.0 installed on a server, and i deploy several remote databases for field sales folks.  I have made several remote db's (one for each sales guy).  It has gone smoothly until today.  I have created another rdb file, and when I go to unpack and restore, I get "zip file contains an invalid database".  All machines are running the same version of ACT, and I have tried creating 3 different .rdb files, and all 3 are kicking back the error.


please help.





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Re: error: zip file contains invalid database

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Hi Steve,


I just had the same error today; found in another thread that the problem is version inconsistency's.  Check that all your ACT! have been updated.


I just did a re-install and remote packed from the updated version, but had not updated the recipient version...

let me know how you go.

EDIT:    i had to do it this way, goto


Syncronise Panel-->

Do the steps to setup database sharing from the main one-->

Create a remote database & save file directly to the destination computer-->



Upack & restore a remote database-->

Follow prompts & restore locally.





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