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error in creating a duplicate data base

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error in creating a duplicate data base

on creating a duplicate copy of a shared database with other name Act popup an error " The database failed to copy due to the following reason: Cannot insert duplicate key row in object 'sys.syscommittab'with unique index'si_xdes_id'/The duplicate key vlaue is (593518). Failed to flush the commit table to disk in dbid 9 due to error 2601.check the errorlog for more information. Backup Database is terminating abnormally. Cannot open backup device 'xyz. operating system error 2( The system cannot find the file specified.) Restoring Database is terminating abnormally. The statement has been terminated.


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Re: error in creating a duplicate data base

You don't say which version of ACT you are running but I expect you will find it is on SQL 2008


This is a well know problem and is caused by a defect in SQL 2008


To fix run a repair from the utility called ACTDIAG which you will find in the ACT program folder or just type ACTDIAG at the start button. It must be run as administrator to repair the syscom error so right click ACTDIAG and select the run as administrator option. If it is an old version I advise downloading the latest version, see below.


Download latest ACTDIAG from


You can also download the ACTDIAG users guide from


Make sure ACT is not running - Start ACTDIAG as administrator


Once ACT DIAG is running


Click on Databases now select Database names list (2nd option as the syscom error may not let you use option 1)


Find your database and right click, now select Syscommittab repair.


When finished try running ACT again and see if it will let you copy the database.





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Re: error in creating a duplicate data base

There is also a KB about this you can run the bat file for the version of SQL being used on the server at the bottom of the page once downloaded. Make sure you right mouse click and run as administrator. 


Just in case you can any issues when running the Syscommittab repair in actdiag