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email challenge concerning history and internal emails

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email challenge concerning history and internal emails

I just installed the latest version of Act 2009 11.0. At first I liked the feature of emails sent from Outlook were automatically being logged in Act. Then I realized that some of my emails to internal staff members were also being logged for all to see. I then turned off all of the automatic tracking of history.


What is the best way around this problem? Establishing rules to exclude internal contacts (that are also in my Act database) from being logged automatically?



Nickel Elite Contributor
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Re: email challenge concerning history and internal emails

Laura -


the rules option is definitely one you want to explore, but what about just making the history private?  In the email setup process, two of the screens have checkboxes to make history private (or some such wording).  *You* would still get the emails, but other users would not see the details.


What I do, personally, is for every email, choose what to record.  There is an ACT! toolbar in the compose message window that has a drop down to define what gets recorded.  This may be inconvenient for you, so maybe the private option is better...

Richard Brust
ACT! Certified Consultant