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connect the desktop client to a remote ACT server?

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connect the desktop client to a remote ACT server?

we are using ACT! Premium for Web 2010, most of our users use the web client without any issues.  However some users prefer the desktop win32 client. (there are some functions of the web client that do indeed perform better in the desktop client)


I know how to connect to a desktop ACT client remote server by browsing to the .pad file on that server.  However since our new ACT server is hosted in the cloud (EC2) I can't browse to the .pad without creating a VPN tunnel.  I'd like to avoid this solution if possible. (too many users, too many VPNs)


Is there some other  way to connect to a remote server from the desktop client?  Like a web service or port forwarding from a public IP, etc?  (e.g. like the Outlook Sync client for ACT! web functions?  You just give it the URL and the creds and it connects?), or is there an ACT service you can run as middleware?

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Re: connect the desktop client to a remote ACT server?

YOu would either need to set up a vpn, be in the same physical office, synchronize.


If they want to use the desktop client, you could open up remote desktop or install a type of thin client which lets you run the program on the server and only screens and keyboards pass through.


by the way, We offer a hosted solution that allows users to connect to ACT via a Citrix thin client.  Feel free to contact us if you would like further explanation.


Here is some more info on the different methods.

Test Drive Act! and Quickbooks over Citrix

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Re: connect the desktop client to a remote ACT server?

the best choices are to sync to a local copy or use Terminal Services and use ACT! completely on the server