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can create remote database

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can create remote database


im using ACT 11 premium, i want to create remote databases but it is not possible when i want to create the database with all attachments etc. We are also using Quotewerks and all our quotes are attached in ACT so the database is quite big ( 3 GB). Ist there a chance to create the remote database without attachment and later in the syncronisation i can get the attachment files ?


thanks  a lot

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Re: can create remote database

Hi skrauss,


Is there any error message?

When does the process of creating stops?

Normally there should be no problems with a big database file. Did you make sure there is enough space on the harddrive where Act! is running? Is there enough Space on c:/? It is possible that the temps are written on c:/ where Act! is installed and that also may cause problems.