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act internet email folders missing

Tuned Listener
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act internet email folders missing

Good day all,


We use Act 2009 internet mail on XP sp3 PCs.  I do have backups of my ACT, email, and preferences DBs(albeit the preferences DB is a few months old).


While trying to send an email, the message kept getting sent to the draft folder for some reason (never saw that before).  Closed email, closed ACT, then restarted ACT & email.  When internet mail opened, I found that most of the folders I had created to store various client email correspondence were gone.


I closed Act, rebooted the PC, and restarted ACT again only to find the same condition.  In checking a number of email messages for various contacts via the history tabs, I find that all my email appears to still be there.  It looks like the link between the various email messages and their respective folders have somehow been lost.


I had a somewhat similar situation some time back when I transfered ACT to a new computer, and recall spending hours on end (and paying for a pricey service instance) with Sage support in India or some such place.  Do I need to go through that pain again, or is there some method of restoring my custom email folders that I can do myself.


Thanks in advance for your kind assistance.  Any suggestion will be greatly welcomed.