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Work Flows

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Work Flows

Does Act have the ability to setup or complete smart work flows such as:


- when a contact field changes from "Prospect" to "Client", perform these tasks




- when a sale is closed won on this product type, perform these tasks


I see a few other solution providers like RedTail that offer this right out of the box. I know Act has Smart Tasks but from what I can tell, you cannot set these types of workflows up. Am I incorrect on this?



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Re: Work Flows

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Hi Jag,


You are partly correct. With smart tasks, you can run a task based on a current field value, but not a historical one.

The below smart task would run when the ID/Status field is Client. It would trigger when this field is changed from Prospect to Client, but it would also trigger when the field is changed from Consultant to Client.



The conditions for opportunities can be manipulated to trigger for a closed - won opportunity with a certain product type. See the example below:


For more advanced automation, you could look at 3rd party addons.