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Word Document won't attach on print

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Word Document won't attach on print

I am running ACT2011 Pro and just upgraded to Office 2010.  Everything is fine except I am not given the option to attach documents to history when I print.  How do I fix this?

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Re: Word Document won't attach on print



My client has the same problem. We created qiuckprint icon in the quicktoolbar in Word. There is one problem. It directly prints to your default printer. I think SAGE needs to fix this?


kind regards

Stephan Jansen
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Re: Word Document won't attach on print

Stephan - Works like a charm.  I was able to change the printer from defaul using the print preview print options.  Thanks.  Steve

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Re: Word Document won't attach on print

What printer are you using because I am having the same issue and I don't see a printer that is associated with ACT! to print to
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Re: Word Document won't attach on print

I've got a client who is experiencing this same issue,

where if they use the Quick Print icon in the toolbar of Microsoft Word 2010 it will prompt to save to the history,

but if they use File | Print then there is no prompting....


I see that KB 26851 applies to this issue:

however it simply says the workaround is to use Quick Print.


This is not a good solution as the client has a number of printers, depending on what template they use determines which printer they print to. If they are printing a packing slip it goes to the B&W Laser on yellow paper, if it's a instruction sheet print to the Colour laser on white paper etc. They have a number of printers, each for a dedicated type of document. Having to change the default printer, just so that they can attach the document to the contact record is a major p.i.t.a. for them and their staff. This upgrade has actually decreased their productivity because of this one issue.


They want the functionallity that was present and working to be present and working again.


I note that others (in this thread) have had same issue, as well as others in the forum here:


Can anyone from Sage tell us when this is slated to be fixed?

What is its priority?


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Re: Word Document won't attach on print

Ben this is a major problem and there appears to be no fix nor even a few clues on what might be causing this to happen on individual systems.


I have a feeling it might be a printer driver issue or an antivirus but with quickprint working who has time to work on a workaround.

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Re: Word Document won't attach on print

Not sure why this still is not addressed.  Using Premium 2013 and Word 2010.  Thanks, Brenda

Brenda Dixon
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