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Wireless Syncing

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Wireless Syncing

This is going to be part informative and part rant...
Having been an ACT 6 user in a multiple computer environment for years I loved the software. CompanionLink allowed for easy, cheap, and accurate syncing with my PDA. All was good!!!
Then came Vista and suddenlt ACT 6 wouldn't work, so while everyone else remained on ACT I used Outlook/Exchange and later got a Windows Mobile Phone. Wow - Wireless syncing at any and all times!!!! Yes I had to have someone enter activities in ACT or my Outlook calendar so we were all on the same page, but it worked well. It was basically free, extremely easy, and 100% accurate! Life was even better!!!!!
Well ACT 6 was becoming cumbersome and staff grew. So we upgraded to ACT Premium 2009 (11.0) and I lost my wireless syncing capabilities because I could no longer justify double entry in Outlook and ACT. Life was not so good anymore... Smiley Sad
So my options as far as I can tell are going back to Outlook and double entry of activities again - waste of time and money. Or HandHeld Contact for $25 per month - ouch! Or CompanionLink Pro for $100 plus $10 a month - a little better. Or CompanionLink DoubleLook Enterprise for a one-time fee of $750. Ouch again. We are a non-profit and I'm the only wireless user so I have to say I don't like any of my options. And I all want to sync is basic contact info and the calendars of multiple users. Smiley Sad
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Re: Wireless Syncing

All wireless solutions require an external service, which means a monthly charge.


Handheld Contact is (I think) the only one that can handle multiple users activities on a device