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Windows to Web: Convert all Attachments "from" Shortcuts

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Windows to Web: Convert all Attachments "from" Shortcuts

We have a customer we are migrating to a hosted ACT! for Web environment that is coming from a standard ACT! for Windows install.  This customer heavily used attachments, but for roughly 90% of them, attached them as a shortcut as opposed to a file.


Since restoring that database on a new web server would result in a vast majority of the attachments no longer working, is there a utility and/or addon that anyone is aware of that would go through an ACT! database and assuming the shortcuts are valid, covert the attachment from a shortcut to a file?


If not, our only option seems to be to have the customer keep an install of the Windows version for "archival" purposes when they need to pull an attachment.

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Re: Windows to Web: Convert all Attachments "from" Shortcuts

I understand there were a couple of developers who wrote utilities for this you might have a look on or send them an email. This information is stored in the SQL database tables

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