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Wierd goings on - Outlook, History records,relationships etc

Tuned Listener
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Wierd goings on - Outlook, History records,relationships etc

I have 2 computers, a laptop and a desktop, both running Windows 7 and previously Vista and both have Office 2007 installed:

Act2010 Premium 12.0.409.0 Hotfix 3


Act runs in Administrator role on both machines:

1. Outlook. Both machines are setup to use Outlook for email. Everything shows as integrated and I can link emails, create contacts etc. However if Outlook is closed and I email an Act contact Outlook will open and present a new eamil form as it should. If Outook is open there is lots of disk activity but no form opened. This happens on both machines. If I setup to use Actmail with Outlook  then I can creates OK. Same scenario on both machines. Ihave raised this before but may not have adequately explained it. had this problem through the beta on Vista and now live on W7


2. Last week suddenly I found I could no longer edit my history records. If I create a letter which I then fax I go into the history and edit it to say "fax sent". Instead now all the fields except the contact, regarding and attachment fields are greyed out but I cannot even edit them. Again this is on both machines.


I have tried deinstalling and reinstalling but this makes no difference. Check and repair does not find any problems. I do not have problems with any other software I am using.