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Why are there so many problems with this software?

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Why are there so many problems with this software?

I have recently started an upgrade project, from 2009 to 2010. On our main database server, and nearly every single user's machine, the install / upgrade process has been interrupted with an error(s).


On nearly every machine, the error has been different than the last, and I've had to dig around these forums for work-arounds and fixes to get the program working.


I'm curious if Sage would release their testing procedures and statistics (if any?) that they go through when they release new versions, so we the users/consultants can see exactly how they are doing their bug/problem searches.


I have a feeling that the procedures are highly inadequate, and Sage themselves need to hire a consultant to improve their alpha/beta testing procedures, or to have some written and followed.


I have always pushed for the latest version of software, and ACT! was no exception, as "generally" improvements are made. I am going to be recomending we drop the support assurance now, and move to a OS based upgrade cycle, as well as begin to search for alternatives.


Here is the list of the error types I have recieved since starting the upgrade. Approximately 15 machines, from XP Sp3 to Vista SP2, with 2 Win 7 machines.


Error 1603

Install will freeze during the install of the scheduler service (on XP and Vista with UAC disabled)

SQL Demo Database attachment failurs

SQL install failures

missing errors with simply an OK button

failure to start or launch the scheduler, even wth service started and the install itself being uneventful

Requesting activation on reboot, after successful activation before reboot

Demo database error and ACT7 service failure to start


and 4-5 other random errors during the install that I can't quote specifcally.


Now keep in mind, on every machine I have verified the requirements / pre-reqs, and adhered to to the upgrade documentation.


I have 3-4 users left to upgrade, and I am absolutely dreading it.



I understand that doing things correctly will be more expensive, but I will never recomend this software to anyone ever again, until I am told by my collegues that Sage has gotten their ACT! together, and began to do the basic fundementals of software production correctly.




Now, for help with my more immediate problem:


I am attempting to install ACT! on a Vista Home, SP2 machine. I recieve an error code with the usual "error submition dialogue box", and simple popup with a bunch of giberish and "error 1602"


I've found nothing on the forums about it, and I have done everything from restarting, removing sql and the remneants of act, to simply attempting the reinstalls right after the error, all to no avail.



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Re: Why are there so many problems with this software?


I'm sorry to hear about the issues you are having with the installation of ACT! 2010. Normally, ACT! 2010 installs without such issues. One suggestion I can offer, if you have not already done so, is on the Vista and Windows 7 machines you can try enabling the built-in administrator account and install under that login. You may also want to phone into ACT! Support for live assistance since install issues can be attributed to a number of variables.

Greig Hollister

Note: Effective 6/1/13, Sage no longers provides support for the Act! software. This is now provided by Swiftpage.