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Why Would Quick Attach Think It A Good Idea Always to Create the User as a New Contact

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Why Would Quick Attach Think It A Good Idea Always to Create the User as a New Contact

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Well, here's a new one for ACT.


So, I want to use Quick Attach to create a new ACT contact when an email comes into Outlook from a new contact.  Now, ACT wants to create me, the ACT user, as a new contact, every time.  ACT does not want to create in ACT a new contact based on the Outlook email received from the new contact.


Up to now, ACT has created a new contact based on the Outlook email received in Outlook from the new contact.



Yet again, ACT is deciding not to do what all the settings say it is to do.


Look at the attached file.  WHY on earth would ACT want to create another contact, Edward H. Prince (the user), rather than Terry Scharig, a new contact not in ACT?  ( I did not realize what was going on.  I created Edward H. Prince 3 times before realizing that Terry Scharig could and would not be created as a new ACT contact.  So, now I have to waste even more time cleaning up ACT data because ACT is doing just whatever the heck it wants to do with my data again and I have to fix it.



AND, why does ACT decided to change the preferences that I have set, notably, recording all emails under my contact history and not the contact history of the contact?   Yep, I have had to change this setting several times only to have ACT decide to change it back.


How is it deciding to do this?  What Swiftpage code is executing?


Why would ACT be designed to save all contact history under the contact of the user?  That is just darn stupid.


UGH, yet more ACT problems that I did not bargain for.  And, who know for how long this has been going on, absolutely corrupting the data integrity of this CRM making the useful management of data contained therein a wasted effort because we cannot control what ACT will decide to do next with our data!


Geez Louise!


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Re: Why Would Quick Attach Think It A Good Idea Always to Create the User as a New Contact

Follow up:


After manually creating the ACT contact for Terry Scharig, I did a Quick Attach as to attach the first email of this new contact to his contact history.




The first email from this contact was not recorded under his contact history.




It was attached under my contact history, where it will be absolutely worthless to me.


I am sick and tired of baby sitting ACT!  We cannot count on it to operate as represented by Swiftpage.


What the heck good is a CRM if it decides to put data where ever the heck it wants to put it so that the user can never ever find it again?  WHAT?


This feature is worthless when ACT puts data where ever it wants, but most certainly not where the data is supposed to go pursuant to the settings the user gave to ACT.

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Re: Why Would Quick Attach Think It A Good Idea Always to Create the User as a New Contact

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Hi there Edward,


I'm sorry you've had so much trouble with this, I can appreciate the frustration.


I'll address your first post first here:


I've removed the screenshot you posted just to protect your personal information from prying eyes on the web, but I've had a chance to take a look at it.

You're exactly right that the intended behaviour here is that the contacts details should be auto-filled, it will always fill the details of the contact that the email is from.


The only time your own details should be getting populated in there is if you're clicking create new contact from the Sent box, but I can see from your screenshot that doesn't appear to be the case.


Does this same thing happen for every email you try to 'create contact' from, or is it just that particular contact?



With regards to your second post:


The quick attach system will only attach to the contacts defined in the Email Preferences settings (From, From & To, or All Contacts - see below). It just looks for the email address in the email field. I'd recommend checking out these preferences, and also check the details in the email field of both your & the contacts information.