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Why Oh Why Did they ever take the Macros out of ACT!!

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Why Oh Why Did they ever take the Macros out of ACT!!

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Been using ACT for 20 years.  Once upon a time there was an easy way to automate a task by using a Macro.  A couple of years ago, some brilliant product planning maven decided to take the Macro capability out and it has never returned.  Please, Please, Please!!!  ...bring back the macro.  And in answer to the forum moderators who respond whenever the macro question comes up in these forums: What would you want to use a macro for?"..Simple, the answer is many things.  For my own purposes, automating the group selection capability, so you can choose a group with one click, not 5 keystrokes.  But there are undoubtedly hundreds more tasks that users would use macros for.  Why can't Sage just put the macro capability back in?  Surely it can't be that difficult a task, to put back something that was already there.  And after all, Macros are for automating tasks, which is supposedly what computers are all about.  I'm sure just about every user would benefit from having Macros back in ACT.  What's the big deal about putting them back in?  Sage, if you really want to be customer focussed and all that marketing claptrap companies usually pay lip service to while doing what they want for their own reasons, put the Macros back in ACT, and make life a whole lot simpler for us, your humble, long suffering customers.

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Re: Why Oh Why Did they ever take the Macros out of ACT!!

With all due respect, I think you would find the number of people that used macros in ACT! after ACTWIN2 was a very small percentage of the users. Back in ACTWIN2 the macros could bridge into the work processor and the reports and could be used to significantly enhance the ACT! program. In fact, for a couple of years I wrote a monthly article on macros for the Easy ACT! newsletter. Starting with ACT! 3 the macros became very limited in their utility because they could no longer bridge to the word processor or the reports. Further, many of the more significant macros that I wrote about in the Easy ACT! newsletter eventually became replaced by program features. 


By the way, I checked and in ACT! 2010 it's two clicks to switch to groups and select a group. 

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