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While Creating Quote products are not listed in EXCEL embeded object

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While Creating Quote products are not listed in EXCEL embeded object

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Dear Sir/Madam,


i am stuck with this ACT 2010, with a strange problem, really appreciate your help on the below problem,


i have installed ACT2010, and windows 7 and Microsoft office 2007 on my laptop, and ACT2010 and windows Xp on my desktop.


now when i tried to create a quote for an opportunity i was able to do it comfortably on my desktop ..with all the products in the opportunity being generated in the quote..and i could save it.


however when i tried the same thing in my laptop, products were not copied to the quote, and when i tried right click on the object it said "Corrupt object", i was not able to double click on the embedded is not opening.


i tried everything installed Office 2003, uninstalled act nothing worked. i also deleted the excel embedded object and created a new object by pasting special ... this time around i saved it and i tried creating a quote again, same problem products are not copied but when i double click the object i was able to edit the same in EXCEL which i was not able to do it earlier.


i have gone throught the forums and spend a whole day solving this problem but in VAIN.


Please please help.




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