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Web info tab question

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Web info tab question

hello all...


can you help me, is there a way that I can get a web site that I have added to my Web Info tab remember a set of log on details? Is there a history file somewhere that I can edit, or check that the details are stored?


Does the ACT browser even have a file with the web browsing info in?



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Re: Web info tab question

In the preferences location (//Application Data/Roaming/ACT/ACT Data/Netlinks) you'll find an XML file that stores the URL's and settings specific for each website stored on the webinfo tab.


Whether or not you'll be able to automate login will depend on the site, in general the web info tab should store cookies like any other browser on your system (I'm not sure but I think it may use the cookies from IE) and once you've entered your login credentials, if the site allows it, they should be saved.

Matthew Wood
Act! SDK Support
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