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Web Info - backup and restore

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Web Info - backup and restore

Now you have customized the URLs under the Web Info tab and you dont want to lose them.


1. How do you backup that data?

2. If you need to restore these URLs (for whatever reason), what is the procedure?



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Re: Web Info - backup and restore

Take a look at this knowledge base article. It details how to backup and restore the web info links.
Simon Hales
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Re: Web Info - backup and restore

webinfosaver.exe loks to be just what I need but it seems to be US specific in that it tries to write back to USpreferences206.xml when the UK version (for example) is UKpreferences206 and consequently throws out an unhandled exception error (abbreviated dump follows):


System.IO.FileNotFoundException: Could not find file 'C:\Documents and Settings\Researcher1\Application Data\ACT\ACT for Windows 12\Preferences\USpreferences206.xml'.


Is there a UK version or multinational configurable version?


I've used the following as a work around but it would be nice to have a more solid solution.


Documented variation as follows.


6. With the Web Info Saver tool still open launch ACT!. This will cause the ACT! to recreate the UKPreferences206.xml file

6.1 Once ACT! has launched, which recreates the preferences file, you will then close the ACT! program and

6.2 Rename the UKPreferences206.xml file to USPreferences206.xml file

6.3 Click the Paste Web Info button.

6.5 Rename the USPreferences206.xml file to UKPreferences206.xml file