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Web Client takes 4 seconds to show contact list

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Web Client takes 4 seconds to show contact list

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Is this normal?

Premium 2009 Web EX 

I have tried 3 differnt installs and local vs seperate db servers and the 4 second delay remains constant.

Even when installed on a  Intel Xeon 2ghz quad cpu with 2 gig/ram and the db is local - the display time remains at 4 seconds.

This is an ETERNITY when showing it to Senior VPs and the noticeable dlay has resulted in unfavourable comments.

The display time is almost instant when accessing the contact list from the application itself. 

The # of contacts in the db is 450 and we are using the EX version.

Do you think upgrading to the ST version would add increase performance?



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Re: Web Client takes 4 seconds to show contact list

ST is unlikely to make screen displays fast, and will only be an improvement if the server has multiple processors and/or 3-4GB or more RAM.

EX is limied to 1 processor and 1GB RAM... as well as 4GB database, which doesn't apply to you.

And this really only effects database performance, not web display


One of the best ways to boost speed is to use faster hard drives (10K or 15K). How fast are yours?

How many concurrent users?


The processor speed on the workstation will be more relevant that the server.