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Way to relink documents?

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Way to relink documents?

Just upgraded from Act 6 to the latest versoin .  It installed a in a different locatoin thann the original.  All the document links in ou database are broke.  It says unable to find xyz.wpa.  Is there a way to crrect this?  We cannot go  through it one by one theres a few thousand documents.  Are there any tools availabel that allow you handle this on the backend?


It appears that it pulled copies of all the documents and threw them in the  database directory but every reference to a file has the old path listed.

Can anyone shed light on this ?




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Re: Way to relink documents?

So, are you saying that the attached files from the Act! 6 database are in fact in the attachments folder for the Act! 2010 database created after conversion?


When you say that the old path is listed - what do you mean exactly?


While you are in the Act! 6 database, can you open the files from within Act!?


For Act! 2010 to successfully import the attachments, the files need to be available.  In other words, if Act! attachments (which are really just shortcuts to whereever the file lives) are on a mapped network drive that has changed or that is not available at the time you convert the database, you will end up with invalid entries on the 2010 side.


Are choosing to import the files or create shortcuts during the conversion?

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Re: Way to relink documents?

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Ok  in Act 6 we had all our documents mapped to s specific locatoin on our server.  I just looked into the old databse it appears when a letter is sent  its listed under attachment with a file path to it which would be the location of the file.  Now in the latest version when I converted it Ill go and check a contact that has an attachment and it will say "Unable to convert the attachment 'F:\FILES\ACT\ACT CBS SPI DOCUMENTS\4-11-05.wpa': the file is missing.".  That F Drive is a mapped drive on our server that everyone has access to.


Now heres where I think the issue might be.  Due to the way the new act needs to be installed on a server I had to put this on a server drive which is a different mapped letter as the attachments because its on the actual drive so there is no "Drive F:" theres a differnt path to access those files on that drive which I think is like D:\Files\Files\ACT\ ACT CBS SPI DOCUMENTS\ but from the workstatoins that path is the path i dosplayed above. I dont know if this has to do with it.  I hope this makes sense.


I think it pulled all my attachements and dropped them in the root directory of where the new database files got created.


what should be the correct procedure  be when upgrading like this to keep all my files still "attached:"?


Additionally I just realized  That each user has there own folder for documents so its not one central folder where everyone is dumped into.  When I do the backup from  the administrators PC  the attached files are only pointing to his folder in the designated documents folder so it wouldnt be  pointing to all the  other folders.  Im sure this now complicates a smooth transition.

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