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Waiting for Act 17 - german

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Waiting for Act 17 - german



as there's already a SP1 für Act! 17 I can't understand what's taking so long to release the german edition of Act! 17.

Do you always start over with the translations and throw away the previous ones?


Would it be possible to mix english and german editions with the same database?

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Re: Waiting for Act 17 - german



Currently ACT17.1 German is in Beta, and the sheduled Relasedate is April 7


to mix german and english, yes this is possible, but you must be sure to meet some requirments


1. on english act! you need english OS, English office, English act!

2. on german act! you need german OS, German Office, German act!

3. you need to prepare the Windows Country codes

4. depending on your needs, (online translation etc, for reporting, and showing dropdown in the country languge) you need a addon like Layoutswitch Standard




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