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Vista Problems

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Vista Problems

I have a network setup with Microsoft SBS 08 and several workstations.  I am also using ACT! Premium 2009 for Web.  I keep my DB on the server and the XP wired XP workstations can access it fine, but on my wireless Vista laptop I get the error message "The DB cannot be accessed.  In order to access this DB, check your network connection and verify your DB server is availible...."  I tried turning off the firewall and this did not help.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Nickel Elite Contributor
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Re: Vista Problems



Please try this on your Vista wireless machine.


Get the actual IP address of your SBS 2008 server / ACT Website. 


On your Vista machine, to access your Web site, use :


See if that gets you access.


Please post your results.



Matthew McFadden