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Vista Business Edition + ACT! 2008 Premium ST

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Vista Business Edition + ACT! 2008 Premium ST

Hey everyone,


I've got 8 users that all have ACT! 2008 Premium on their desktops.  They share an ACT! instance on the central file server that has ACT! Web ST installed on SQL Svr 2005 Std with 8 cores and 16GB of memory in RAID 5.  The server is used for file serving and web hosting of the ACT! application.  The server, network, and workstations are top notch stuff. 


On 1 users' computer, after she searches for a contact, and the contact is displayed...if she clicks on anything in the GUI...the "hour glass" takes off and you eventually have a crashed app.


The good 'ol Event ID 1002 "Application Hang" is all there is in the event logs.


Is there anything I can do...after an uninstall...anything to provide an ultra clean reinstall that will remove this issue?


I've had to clean up ACT! leftovers in the registry a few times and wonder if anyone can help me out with this.  The lady just paid 12k for the new server and thinks I didn't fix the speed issue...(she can't get any faster)...and I know it's "Vista"...but any help would be wonderful.


app hang 


Thanks folks,


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Re: Vista Business Edition + ACT! 2008 Premium ST

Have you disabled the UAC in Vista?

Is the appropriate exception made in the Windows Firewall for ACT?

Do you use Windows Defender or (God forbid!) "One Care"?

Is she listed as a local Administrator on the Vista worktsation?

I have Vista running on several computers on my own network with ACT2008 and I have not experienced this issue, so I think your bug lies more with the workstation than the OS.


Also do some ping tests to the server to see if there is any network lag on that one workstation.

If so, try another NIC to test.

Ken Quigley, BA, MCSE, ACC, APT
Toronto, Ontario