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View custom (Crystal Reports) from within ACT

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View custom (Crystal Reports) from within ACT

We're running Act! 2010 Premium and would like to build some custom reports.  Clearly, Crystal is the way to go (the built-in report designer leaves a LOT to be desired).  I'm comfortable BUILDING the reports but . . .


Is there a way (or add-on) that will allow my users to be able to run these reports from within ACT?  Specifically, for the "current lookup".


I checked out CrystalClear Reports, and was initially excited, but from info on their web page, it doesn't look like they've updated their product since Act 6.0 (pre SQL?) 


I was hoping the ACT Reports were written with Crystal, but I tried opening an ACT report with Crystal XI and it complained that it's not the correct format. ;-(


Thanks all! 

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Re: View custom (Crystal Reports) from within ACT

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Re: View custom (Crystal Reports) from within ACT



As mentioned in the earlier post, at the bottom of the referenced URL is the "Crystal Clear Provider" - it's Crystal Clear Essentials without the reports - it does two things - 1) it adds your reports to the Reports menu in ACT! 2) it provides the hooks for your report to report against the currently open database.


Good product by a smart guy,