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Very frustrated with reporting tool

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Re: Very frustrated with reporting tool

I have been frustrated with Act's reporting for years. Today I am still waiting for a stock report that shows the activity of my team for the last WEEK. Really, at this point they need to step up their game on even some of the stock reports. In today's day and age we need to have basic sales KPI reporting including at a minimum:

  • Calls per week by rep
  • Sales per week by rep
  • Aggregate sales by team or region
  • Close rate
  • Contacts vs. close
  • Product mix
  • Stack rankings report

just to name a few simple ones. I should not have to create reports or farm out to a contractor to pay for building simple reporting that should be table steaks in 2019.


Rant over- have a good weekend.

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Re: Very frustrated with reporting tool

[ Edited ]

When looking at the churn rate of ACT users and their reason for moving on to a different CRM product the lack of being able to manage a sales team using opportunity management and reporting are the 2nd biggest reason for leaving ACT.


Added - As requested I am explaining a typical request on reporting and management of a sales team. There are many but this is most common.


The sales manager wants to understand the activity involved in progressing sales through the pipeline to a sale or loss of sale.


None of the opportunity reports show the associated activity or notes so there is no way of judging the sale persons  time taken to bring in the sale. This is a vital management tool when assessing the effectiveness of the sales team as it is not just about results, cost of sale is also a key factor.