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Version. 2010 Updates & Hot Fixes?

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Version. 2010 Updates & Hot Fixes?

We have been using Act since Version 2008 for just a contact database and no one has ever applied any patch or hot fixes to the program.  I have recently upgraded it to version 2010 Premium and we have started really using ACT and its features.  Now I am finding out that my database that we have been using has the trouble of ACTOLEDB and ACTQUERY not existing in the database which sounds that Hot Fix #2, or 3 should have fix it, but they are for leaser versions of ACT then 2010.  I have run the Security Command Line Application and that does not work.  I still get the errors.  If I install SP1 for version 2010 will that fix the above mentioned problems to or should I run Hot Fixes even though they say their for leaser verisons?  
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Re: Version. 2010 Updates & Hot Fixes?

The SecurityCmdLnApp should have resolved this issue.  If you are hosting a database on a server, was the command run on the server as well as the workstations?


The hotfixes mentioned in the article do not apply to your version of Act!, but certainly the 2010 SP1 update does.  If the SecurityCmdLnApp command doesn't work when run on all machines (with Act! installed), the next step will be to update to SP1.

Greg Martin