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Version, Update 2 - ACT! has encountered an Error and Needs to Close

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Version, Update 2 - ACT! has encountered an Error and Needs to Close

Date: 07/02/2017



  • Act! Premium Version, Update 2


  • Windows 10 - 2017-06 Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 1703 for x64-based Systems (KB4022725)

      Your device is up to date.  Last checked: Today, 7:06 AM


  • Office 365 – Version 1706 (Build 8229.2073 Click-to-Run)



On Friday, July 1, I installed Act! v19.2 Update 2 pursuant to the email Swiftpage sent to me at 5:02 AM with Subject: Act! v19.2 Update 2 is now available!

I used ACT moderately thereafter.  I know that emails send from Outlook were captured in History.



Saturday morning upon starting up my desktop, Outlook and ACT,  ACT, I would the message, “ACT! has encountered an Error and Needs to Close”.  In point of fact, ACT did not close.  It remained open. Contacts and History looked fine.  My calendar view was scrunched to about 25% of the regular size, with no activities and with a lot of white real estate on the screen.  I could navigate around ACT.  I did not attempt to add entries into ACT.


My Situation:

Again, I cannot work.  I am spending time that I do not have on fixing non-revenue generating ACT software.


Diagnostic Steps Taken Which Did Not Affect A Resolution:

  1. Saturday, July 1, 2017
    1. Shut down/Restart ACT
    2. Shut down/Restart both ACT & Outlook
    3. Shutdown/Restart ACT, Outlook desktop
    4. Completely uninstall ACT to include:
      • folders in all directories
      • registry entries
    5. Reinstall ACT


So, now I believe the patch is bad.  A complete reinstall of ACT, not overwriting existing files, should not create the error message at startup: “ACT! has encountered an Error and Needs to Close”.   This software should work 100% given that it passed testing prior to release.


Research in the Community, this error message dates back to 2010, with some issues noting calendar problems.  I cannot find a de facto Swiftpage response not only identifying the root cause of the problem but also a final resolution.  I am resolved to spend more time that I do not have on Monday to make ACT work.


  1. Sunday, July 2, 2017

ACT is working perfectly fine.

  • The calendar looks as it should.
  • History is perfect.
  • Contacts are perfect.
  • ACT Scheduler indicates that all 3 Tasks will run as intended.



  • Given that Swiftpage has designed, tested and put into production software code that generates the error message “ACT! has encountered an Error and Needs to Close”, what are the finite events that occur such that Swiftpage’s code encounters the event and executes the code to generate the error message?  This issue dates to at least 2010.  Swiftpage should know what its code is doing.


  • Given that a full uninstall of the ACT update and re-install of the up-to-date ACT Update that is tested & certified to work with the current version of MS Office365 which caused issues in prior versions of ACT necessitating an update to ACT did not resolve the error message “ACT! has encountered an Error and Needs to Close”, what are we small business customers to do as to resolve the issue with minimum additional loss of time?


In other words, we customers do exactly what Swiftpage tells us to do and we encounter even more problems.  What do we do?


  • Intent of This Post

I am trying to be independent of any of my vendors’ technical support.

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Re: Version, Update 2 - ACT! has encountered an Error and Needs to Close

Hi PrinceedWardh,


This is the first instance i have heard of the error message persisting after installing Update 2. From what you have mentioned the only sign that there is an issue is due to the error message 'ACT! has encountered an Error and Needs to Close' this is a windows message rather than an Act one and like preupdate 2 would normally indicate a conflict or a crash of a function that was in use. you have mentioned that Act continues to work without issue.i would like to confirm that Outlook carries out its steps on as expected after.


I would like to know if you receive any errors in the Event viewer via searching windows for: Eventvwr.msc - Windows Logs - Application.

Please provide any logs that maybe lists as 'Error' around the time the message appears. as I suspect there maybe a .Net error.


Once we have a bit more information i hope we can resolve this issue.